Posted by LineVision Team ● (August 2018)

Live from CIGRÉ Paris

Bonjour from Paris!

We’ve had an exciting first three days of the CIGRÉ 2018 Conference and Technical Exhibition and it’s been great to have met such a diverse and eclectic group of individuals all passionate about improving the electricity grid.

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The core of CIGRE’s mission is to develop the exchange of engineering knowledge and information. LineVision’s Gerhard Biedenbach, Secretary for the Study Committee B2 Working Group 59 on Predicted Ratings for Overhead Conductors, was busy organizing the next steps toward finalizing the Technical Bulletin with the group and Convener Dale Douglass.

From the exhibit floor, we’ve been hearing a few constant themes…

  • Its harder than ever to build transmission lines in new right-of-ways and Dynamic Line Ratings (DLR) is one solution that utilities across the globe are implementing to increase the capacity of existing transmission corridors!


  • European utilities are embracing innovative technologies such as overhead line monitoring and DLR to address a range of challenges such as the integration of renewable energy resources, line icing detection and grid congestion management.


  • Utilities are hungry for more actionable and informative data regarding the condition of their assets and this quest is expanding outside of the substation fences. Asset health monitoring programs are going beyond transformers, circuit breakers, and batteries to the overhead transmission lines to literally connects the dots.


If you’re attending the exhibit, please stop by booth #237 to say hello!

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