Posted by LineVision Team ● (July 2018)

Announcing the LineVision Blog

Welcome to LineVision's Blog! We are passionate about making the electric grid- the world's biggest machine - work better through advanced sensor technology and analytics. 


This blog will focus on overhead transmission lines and how monitoring can increase capacity, reliability, and flexibility of the grid. Some of the big questions we'll try to explore include:

  • How can utilities take advantage of advanced sensor technologies and data analytics to improve transmission line life-cycle asset management?
  • What are the costs of transmission congestion and how can dynamic line ratings reduce the frequency and severity of congestion?
  • How is the grid evolving to support the needs of greater variable and renewable generation?

In this blog, we'll not only share what's happening at LineVision, but use the blog as a forum to highlight exciting developments in the industry, review innovative projects and case studies, and invite thought leaders to offer their perspectives on grid monitoring opportunities and challenges.


We sincerely hope to make this space a valuable resource for ideas and information. More importantly, we want this to become a forum for discussion among the small community of professionals who are working to improve transmission operations, planning, and asset management. 

Thanks again for visiting this blog - please subscribe, comment, and contribute!

-The LineVision Team

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